Intuitive Bodywork

A customized blend of modalities including Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy.

Sessions may also include Lymph Drainage Therapy, Integrative Reflexology, CranioSacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation techniques.

As the body needs time to respond to these manual manipulation therapies, more time is required for this combination of modalities.  Ninety minutes will allow for significant focus on a large area of the body (such as the back).  If you are in need of some serious TLC, a two-hour session does the trick!

(90 and 120 minutes | $130 and $165)

Swedish / Deep Tissue Massage Session

A customized blend of Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage.  Swedish Massage is performed using moderate pressure directly on the skin to stimulate circulation, and relax adhesions in the superficial musculature while assisting the client to relax.  Techniques are generally performed using the hands.

Deep Tissue Massage is performed using moderate to deep pressure directly on the skin to break up deeper adhesions in the musclature and allow for increased range of motion.  More focused work is performed using thumbs, soft fists, forearms and elbows.

(30, 60 and 75 minutes | $65, $95 and $115)

Therapeutic Warm Stones Massage

A customized blend of Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage strokes & Trigger Point Therapy using basalt lava stones. Not only is the superficial tissue addressed but deeper underlying sore areas are targeted.  Releasing trigger points with deep gentle pressure, the warm stones allow me to work deeper without damaging the tissue and decreasing post-session soreness.

(70 and 100 minutes | $120 and $150)