My Approach

In my 13+ years as a bodyworker, I have had the privilege to work hundreds of different individuals in a wide variety of physical, emotional and energetic states.  I have a natural curiosity about the amazing human body and how it works.  This type of work continues to feed that curiosity.

To date, I have spent nearly 9,000 hours performing over 7,500 personalized Bodywork Sessions.  The gifts that I have gained by working with my clients, along with the extensive training that I have received in many body and energy work modalities have taught me to trust both my natural intuition as a bodyworker.  These experiences have developed what I have come to call "Intuitive Bodywork".

About Me

I started my bodywork practice soon after graduating from the Baltimore School of Massage in 2004.  Together with my colleague Donna Bilek we opened the earthwalk Center for Wholeness where I continue to practice today, 13 years later.

Since completing my initial massage training I have had multiple Reiki attunements as well as additional training with the Upledger Institute & Chikly Institute in Lymph Drainage Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy as well as Visceral Manipulation and Kinesiotaping.

Practicing Yoga regularly since 2001, I completed a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher training with Bob Glickstein with a focus on the Iyengar Method of Yoga over 15 years ago.  Through training in the anatomy of yoga as well as through my bodywork training I have amassed a deeper understanding of how the body functions during a yoga practice and am able to relay the information in easy to understand instruction.

Intuitive Bodywork combines my experience with multiple modalities, including Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, Reiki, Hara & Grid Line Repair, CranioSacral TherapyLymph Drainage Therapy and Visceral Manipulation to give each client a wonderful and effective bodywork experience.  As a result of our ongoing dialogue, each of your sessions is a customized blend of modalities that best serve you at the time of your sessions.

My teaching style of yoga is based on a desire to challenge my students to play with their edges while being light and humorous and focusing on precision and proper alignment of poses as well as effective breath work.

Scott Kover